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Bathroom beauty essentials. More natural ingredients, less nasty chemicals

Since deciding to declutter and cut back on the things we don’t need, reducing my bathroom and beauty products has been a problem. I love beauty products. I would say I am more inclined to buy them than clothes. I enjoy trying new products, admiring beautiful packaging. I love the different scents and consistencies of lotions and potions.

I knew this would have to change, so going along with the ‘have less’ theory, I decided to switch some of the products I used regularly to those which were more natural and had less chemicals in them. I have to admit that I don’t like the idea of putting things on my skin that are laden with potentially toxic chemicals. Chemicals can be absorbed through the skin, so I would think the less you use of them the better. I mean, we really can’t be sure of all their effects, can we?

However, I found this switch a challenge. The ingredients’ labels of pretty much any beauty product is mystifying, and that’s if you can find the ingredients list at all! I looked at loads of products online and in stores that were being advertised as natural. They all looked great, until you looked at the labels. I could not understand why the majority of the ingredients were clearly not natural at all. How could this be?

This made me more determined to find basic bathroom essentials without the nasties. Ones that were still a pleasure to use, smelled lovely and did the job. It was quite a trawl but I managed it. The products make up a basic kit; shower gel, body moisturizer, face cleanser, toner and face oil. I use them all every day.

Shower Gel: ArtNaturals Body and Foot Wash

art natural body and foot wash

This zesty shower gel is full of lots of fabulous ingredients like jojoba, peppermint, tea tree and aloe. It has anti-fungal properties too, so can help with atheletes foot and fungal nail (although I cannot comment on its effectiveness as I don’t suffer from these). It smells wonderfully fresh and lathers up nicely on an exfoliating mitt. My back is prone to the odd spot and this definitely keeps them at bay. At £11.99 it is a little on the pricey side, but I find it lasts a long time considering both me and my husband use it. We both love it.

Body Moisturizer: Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely To Your Body Body Lotion

This body lotion smells utterly delicious. Its ingredients include mandarin, orange peel, honey and aloe vera. It is a very rich lotion which is perfect for dry skin like mine, but it can take a while to rub it all in. If I am short of time I quickly rub it all over and let it sink in over the day. I bought this moisturizer at a reduced price at Waitrose and you can find it for £14 on Its full price is £21.50 on Amazon, which is more than I would normally spend. It is a lovely lotion, and contains none of the usual nasties (a list is given at the bottom of the label).

bee lovely body lotion

Face cleanser: Argan Oil Skin Awakening Cleansing Oil

argan oil cleansing oil

I really love oil cleansers. They are so gentle to use and you don’t get any pulling of the skin as you massage it in, which is especially good for those of us over thirty. This cleanser contains a range of natural oils including olive, rosehip, argan, baobab and kukui. I like the fact it has very little scent. It is great for removing makeup and leaves the skin soft and supple, not dry. At £10.99 it is not too expensive – a treat that won’t break the bank.

Toner: ArtNaturals Rose Water and Witch Hazel Toner

This is one of the most natural toners I’ve found. It is very refreshing and works well at tightening the pores. Witch hazel is a natural astringent and gently removes any excess oils, impurities and pesky makeup that may be lingering. It’s a decent size bottle that lasts for ages.

Art Natural rose water toner

Face oil: Fushi Rosehip Oil

Fushi organic rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is wonderful for the skin. In fact clinical studies have show it works wonders on scars, fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks. It makes a perfect night time moisturizer, giving it all night to work its magic. This oil is 100% pure, cold-pressed and organic. Plus is it suitable for vegetarians and vegans. One of the best natural moisturizers there is. I found this bottle for £14.50 at Waitrose. Not a bad price for a miracle moisturizer.

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