Five mistakes that lead to clutter

Being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff in your house is not unusual, but I’m pretty sure it can be avoided. This is easy for me to say now, of course. Looking back on how I got into this mess, there are five clear mistakes I made. Addressing these have made a huge difference in reducing the amount of clutter in our home. Continue reading

Posted by Becca K
3rd February 2017

This was me – is this you?

Sleek white surfaces. Beautiful white sofas and stylish soft furnishings. Neatly stocked cupboards. A household that runs like clockwork, where everything has its place. A home that is always clean and tidy, but at the same time comforting and welcoming. Soft music plays in the background. Vibrant flowers highlight the room. Calming and relaxing. We all want it, or at least we are attracted to it; that perfect minimalist home.

As fabulous as it sounds it is not the lifestyle for those in a hurry, with kids and pets. It is not a practical lifestyle. It was not the lifestyle for me or my family. No, no, no! Well, so I thought… Continue reading

Posted by Becca K
30th January 2017