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Simple decluttering tips (so you can start today!)

Okay, so my last post shows you how I got started decluttering. Believe me, once you start you feel great and it has been known to be addictive. So here are a few tips to rev you up and motivate you, just so you have no excuse to get started.

Start small

You can start really, really small; a drawer, a shelf, a box of unknown tat in the playroom or a counter top. No start is too small. Ever.

You don’t need boxes

Seriously, you don’t need boxes or trendy bins to declutter. Who has boxes lying around that are big enough (if you do you need to get rid of them!)? And who has time to label them? Bin bags or plastic bags will do for your rubbish and charity donations. Simple.

You don’t need a lot of time

Time is no excuse. You don’t need to tackle a big project that will take you all day. If you think like that you will keep putting the decluttering off until you have the time – and that will NEVER HAPPEN! I did a chest of drawers in only an hour or so. A shelf or drawer will take much less. Go do it.

It doesn’t have to be done in silence

If an hour, or even half an hour, sorting through your stuff sounds mind-numbing boring, change it up. Make it a little bit of me time – and goodness knows us mums (and dads) need it. In fact, we all do! Put on your favourite music or listen to an audio book. I love to indulge in my guilty pleasure – YouTube. This is the one chance I get to watch videos I like with no-one judging me. And watching decluttering videos keeps me motivated.

You don’t need fancy organizing bins, boxes or trays

Please don’t go out and buy a ton of pretty containers to organize your stuff before you have sorted. If you do you will be disappointed. Things don’t fit, you don’t have enough or you buy too many. Then the declutter turns into endless trips to Staples, or the like, to sort containers out. Stop! Use what you have. I had a lot of plastic boxes from endless tries at organizing too much stationery stuff in the past (3 kids accumulate a lot of stationery). Plus, you will notice I reused plastic take-away tubs for the rest.

Think about how you store it

When you put the things you are keeping back, think about how you store them.

  • Store like with like where you can.
  • If you are putting things in boxes with lids consider labelling (eek) them. There is nothing worse that having to open every box to see what’s inside. Failing that use see-through boxes (but don’t buy them if you don’t have them. You will just have to label. Sorry.)
  • Organise things so they are easy to see and grab. Storing vertically is perfect for this – I did it with envelopes. If you have to rummage through piles of anything you will get frustrated and it will get messy. You need a system that is easy to maintain.

No start is too small
No purchases necessary
Make it a bit of me time

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Posted by Becca K
28th February 2017

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